Lombard, Illinois (IL)

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Area Code: 630
Prefix (NXX): 599
Calling outside U.S.: +16305995060
City: Lombard
County: Dupage
State: Illinois
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Central (GMT -06:00)
Registrant Company: Allegiance Telecom, Inc. - IL

630-599-5060 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Allegiance Telecom, Inc. - IL and is located in the city of Lombard, Illinois. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 6305995060.

Comments for 6305995060

#1 Debt collector

I received a call from these people and they acted as though I was being taken to court (for a VERY OLD debt) and didn't believe me when I told them I needed more time to think about making any payments, or giving out my bank account number. The woman who I spoke to was very combative and rude.....but still expected me to give her my account number. (?!) I had never heard from these people in my life. I have blocked their number from my home and cell phones. They certainly need to be reported....

#2 Harassment calls

called naming a name with a SSN & asked if I was thee. I said no, then said why do they ask personal info. They said a lien filed. I said what kind & when. They said 1999!!!1 These are frauds. It was for Chase they said. Well, I had a med bankruptcy in 1998 & lots of banks buy others debts but lawyer said the amt was listed by another bank & was discharged with bankruptcy. Start questioning them, file against them for harassment. What they are doingg is ILLEGAL. Bankruptcy drops your debt.No one can bother you & if they try, turn them over to the court. Anything you say, they turn it aroundd So no moree. Every place I can report them I will. 5AM in the morning is too early to harass over something that is long ddischarged. y credit is good now. THESE FOOLS SHOULD AL BE ARRESTED AND IF CHASE IS INSTIGATING THIS, THEY ARE CROOKS THEMSELVES. REPORT THEM TO CONSUMER FRAUD.

#3 Other

Telling you u have a court case is illegal, What state do they operate out of. E-mail the attorney general in that state. Easier yet get a phone with caller block. Your never hear from them again. My phone is panasonic. Great phone.

#4 Other

there is a statute of limitations and debt collectors know it but try intimidate callers by threatening them . It varies from state to state but limitations due exist

#5 Other

Really Einstine -- they had the wrong person in my case ......gee should i pay the bill for the other person because they called me ..... get a life

Another Jack [***]!

#6 Scam call

Called about ancient (12 year old) alleged credit crd debt, wpman became verbally abusive when I told her I knew nothing about it.

#7 Debt collector

i answered this call the person wanted to talk to my dad regarding Bank One....when i told him that he needed to talk to my brother he got all uppity with me and hung up on me....what's up with people these days....go figure

#8 Harassment calls

They called trying to verify information. They said I had dealings with a bank of Delaware, I've never set foot there. I called the number back and someone answered by the name of ARA. Do not trust!

#9 Other

These people are leaving urgent messages on my phone to call immediately. The person that they are trying to call doesn't live here and never has. This is my home and I had it built 10 years ago.

#10 Debt collector

'Talked to the person, debt collector looking for the previous owner of my phone number.

#11 Other

scam scam

#12 Debt collector

I did this kind of work for 31 years. . You can NOT go after debt that is over 7 years old(it's off you record).......Tell them to try again and find another idiot. DO NOT.... repeat ,talk to these fools.
They called me on both my home phone,and my cell phone stating they were from the "litigation" division.................................BULL [***]!!!!!!!!
If they were, a local Sheriff would be involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn Chicago thugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#13 unknown

They hung up when I answered.

#14 Harassment calls

Called me this morning not identifying themselves. Said something about a judgement to be heard in sacramento county from wells fargo. I have NEVER used wells fargo so this is definitely a scammer. Not hard to see by however they looked me up I'm in Sac county. Second I said I have no business with them they hung up.

#15 Other


#16 Scam call

Scam never leaves a message if important they would leave one as any legitimate company would! Don't answer

#17 Scam call

Just got a call from 630 599 5060 tell me that back in 1989 had a debt with Sprint for long distance call to tolling over $2,000.00 but they can reduced to $1,079.00. The said the calls from Sprint. Told her that i was at a military base and had access to free phone calls. Keep insisting that i owed this money. Got very upset that told me that they were going to report me to the Credit Bureau. I told them that go ahead.

#18 Debt collector

the call came in as a call from a lawyer for a car my husband never owned.  i called the number back -- they are NOT A LAW FIRM -- its a car loan financer CREDIT ACCEPTANCE...... i told the woman that Jose had just called me and she laughed - he is not a lawyer - its not a law firm and they had the wrong person.  BTW in the State of Massachusetts its against the law to give anyone but the person they are calling for information as to why they are calling.  The dumb [***] gave me all the information.

can you say JACK [***]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL

#19 Other

Panasonic call block phone. Nice.

#20 Debt Collectors

Got a missed called and I call back and this dushbag hang up on me twice. I call again then told a lunatic on the phone I was calling back and this guy hang up. He then ask for my number without apologizing so he got the F bumb from me and I hang up. I look up these fools and they claim to be a debt collectore. I don't have outstanding debt so I know its a fraud. The last I check if you have a debt you will get a letter in the mail and if you ignore that's when the calls start. Besides if you owe anybody you don't have to talk to a third party.

I don't like thieves

#21 Debt collector

ARA called me about some First National Bank stating that i owe $3000 since 1991that I don't know anything about.  They treated me like an animal, called me a liar and said they were going to report me to the IRS and also ruin my credit if I didn't pay in 2 days. This should be a crime because they could call someone who is not stable and drive them off the edge. These people need to be prosicuted.

#22 Debt collector

they called me on a debt that went to bankruptcy court and was dismissed in 1990 tell them drop fkin dead!

#23 Text message

Called but no message left ????

#24 Cost trap

They left a message about a case number... I think a call is not the most appropriate way to do that... Scammers!

#25 Debt collector

First the phone rang from 630 599 5060 and I answered and they hung up! THEN he calls again and i answered and asked him why he hung up on me. This caller Patrick would NOT reveal who he was and why he was calling, so i told him NEVER to call back here again.  I went online and see ARA is a asset recovery group ( SCUMBAGS) and what they do is gather up OLD ( ILLEGAL TO RECOVER ) DEBT over 7 years old and they try to scare people into paying them,

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THEM AND Pres. Obama's NEW LAW says: all you have to do is tell them "do NOT call back here again."

So i called ARA and told them if they called my house again , I would throw them to the wolves.

These people have NOTHING to loose and if they collect on an old debt, they get a big %, tell them to FUK off!

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