Roselle, Illinois (IL)

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Area Code: 630
Prefix (NXX): 582
Calling outside U.S.: +16305820473
City: Roselle
County: Dupage
State: Illinois
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Central (GMT -06:00)
Registrant Company: Ameritech Illinois

630-582-0473 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Ameritech Illinois and is located in the city of Roselle, Illinois. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 6305820473.

Comments for 6305820473

#1 Unknown

I have received calls form this number saying is the IRS and to call another number they're giving me because they are suing me, the weird thing is that I got the same type of calls from different numbers. And they really think I'm going to call them back?

#2 Other


Just had a call in Canada, same thing. Scam.  They try to access your computer. They are NOT located in the US as they would like you to believe (by the fake caller ID).  They (or other similar scams) have tried to call 3 other times (different numbers, same scam).  

#3 Other

Nobody on the line...at 8.30 Pm. I am pretty sure it is linked to another similar call I got 2 days ago,. Different number, same thing. Who would do that and why?!!

#4 Unknown

someone calls and says problems/virus has been detected on my computer. Male voice. He asks if I''m aware of this, and I say I don't have a problem and hang up. Have had a few of these calls in past few months.

#5 Other

Been getting these calls all day. Nobody on the line...then a beep...then goodbye.  Every time I block a number they just switch.

I have had calls from


How do you deal with automated calls that can just fake their numbers?

#6 Other

Noise then male voice saying they have detected problems and a virus on my computer, He asks me if I'm aware of this problem. I said I didn't have a problem and hung up. Have had several similar calls claiming they have detected stuff on my computer.

#7 Other

I got a call from 630 582 0473 and all I heard was a lot of back ground noise. Then some one told me they were calling from Washington dc,  the area code is Illinois. So I Hung up

#8 Other

First call from 630-582-0473 came today at 11:07AM Central time. He said he was from Washington DC Grants Department. I hung up. Then at 2:26PM all "0"s came up, so I answered thininking it was from an agency I work with, no it was the same man's voice, same B.S. about US Government Grants,told him he had the wrong number and hung up again.

#9 Other

Said it was the irs suing me

#10 Other

Got seven calls today from this number and 6 others all saying I had window problems. A word of advise.....Try to keep no important info on your computer like Bank info, SS numbers, tax forms, ect, ect. If you do need to keep info on the computer I would suggest using Cypherix LE and store the info in that, its free and does offer some protection, I also use SD memory cards for my important storage of tax forms and important papers, it can be unpluged from the computer and stored in a safe place. Most poeple know this but a couple here seems to have had a close call, its almost at a point you can't trust your friends leave alone your enemies. Be very careful what you download, you may get more software than you expect and not know it till it is to late. Just trying to help and warn people, a computer can be an open book online.

#11 Other

Apparently they were calling about my computer.  They had been getting 'messages' from my computer.  They had the wrong name associated with my telephone #,  I hung up then as it sounded so bogus.

#12 Other

Dear Ms Purl
My mon ms Anny Wiese(in family with Mette and Dale) - here in Denmark - has recieved some calls from your number.
Please try again. - alternatively e.mail me on my name.
Kind regards, Susanne

#13 Unknown

message said "good bye". hang up

#14 Other

Had a call from this number at 1022 this morning while i was out. I am in Scotland and didn't recognise the number on my caller ID .. tried to phone it and got a dead line.. Then came in here to check it out.. Probably should of done it opposite.. Oh well.. lol
I tend not to answer numbers i don't recognise anyways..

#15 Unknown

Cleaning my Windows computer of fake "viruses". Tried to control my computer through installing and opening the Am***.com product.

#16 Telemarketer

Check this out:

http://news.softpe***.com/news/Cold-Call-Tech ... on-150170.shtml

"Do not call list" doesn't work since i have been on there for 5 years and still get this kind of crap on my landline.

#17 Prank

This is just another of a long line of scams from some worthless POS in Nigeria - he will tell you he's "from Windows" or "from Microsoft" and that they have "detected a problem with your computer"...his goal is for you to allow him to remotely access your computer, after which he will plant a virus in it and tell you "he found the problem and can fix it" but of course you must first give him a credit card number and pay him $99.99 or several variations on the same theme.  He also can install a keylogger on your machine and wait for you to use a creit card or do any online banking, etc - then he'll drain your accounts or run your card to the max...

Everybody SHOULD know this, but in case you don't...

#1 Microsoft will NEVER call you about ANY problem on your machine that THEY found...it just doesn't happen...

#2  NEVER do what this scammer says - to do so will end up costing you a lot of money and maybe your computer.

He also has other variations - claims top be an IRS agent, claims to be with the FBI...etc., etc.  He's simply a low-life Noigerian scammer - either don't answer, hang up on him, blow an air-powered ditress horn in his ear, or do what I do - buy a call blocker and simply block the number(s) he uses....

#18 Other

Got a call from this number...Indian person was talking and I could not understand them at all. Told the no one was here my the name they ask for ....for she past away a year ago. He said this is the right number and bla boa that Infouod not understand. These people need to speak appropriate English .

#19 Other

Pre- Recorded call - female voice- claims that the irs is going to sue me for unpaid taxes- scam call- she left a phone number that I am to call back immediately 209-243-6009.

#20 Other

one ring and hung up 7:00am!!!! called back and got a disconnected message

#21 Other

Within the 4 weeks before the provincial election I got no "telemarketer" or "scammer" call me. But right after the provincial election over, calls start to came in again. All those 4 weeks I only got political robo calls form 2 major parties. At first, I just block the numbers right after I pick up the first call. But strange things happen, they begin to switch phone numbers to call me. Using the same method as the "telemarketer" or "scammer". In curiosity, I research all those political robo call numbers. The numbers that the PC party use was previous calling people for debit consolidation just a month ago. The robo call numbers use by Liberal party were calling people for air duct cleaning and Bahama Cruise before.  From those numbers, people at the forum say those call center were in India or Pakistan. I always feel skeptical about this theory, cause they never call me on Labour day, Easter weekend or Victoria Day. Are those days also a statutory holiday In India and Pakistan too? Furthermore, I think there is a regulation say no outside of the country help/assistance for the provincial election. So those call centers are located within Canada not oversea.  I am not on DNCL, my number is unlisted, the only origination know my full name, address and phone number is Revenue Canada and Election Canada. So I think the call center use the voters list instead of DNCL to call.  I did contact both candidates, ask them who they hired for the robo calls. One candidate say he did not hired anyone to call me(what a liar). The other candidate say he can not tell me, instead what he can do for me is to ask the call center to remove my number form their data bank permanently. Right after the contact, I did get less calls. Almost cutting half of the amount. I got 2 to 3 calls per week instead of everyday.
Maybe that's why CRTC never can get rid of the call center.

#22 Other

Seem this is from local scam artist...calls from India call center had been stop.
Look like they got the voters-list..it's illegal to obtain such document, not to say to use it for other purposes.

check out this article...

If you believe your PC infected with viruses...you can download a FREE virus scan program...

McAfee Stinger :


Norton Power Eraser :


Microsoft Security Essentials

#23 Other

Just got a call from this number, couldn't understand the guy..I hung up and they called right back. Tried to get me to type some code into my computer and I asked him for a number that I could call him back at..he gave me 209-845-7707..I told him that I would look up Mictosofts CS line and they could help if there was truey a problem. I told him not to call my number back or I would contact the authorities...this is totally a scam..

#24 Other

This number left a message Friday morning saying the IRS is suing me.  I didn't answer or return the call.

#25 Other

Got a call from 630-582-0473 and the message told me to contact IRS 'cause I owe IRS a back tax. Then realized this a scam call.

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